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Hello!  I’m Meghan.  I am a wife and a mother to the most handsome German Shorthaired Pointer, Luke.  I am a lover of all things Maine: lobsters, blueberries, bean boots, flannel, foliage, the ocean and the lakes, big ole trees, potatoes, moose!  Together, the three of us travel all over Maine and I think we’ve visited about every square inch of this beautiful state.  I love this place!  I am an RN at a local hospital and part of being a nurse is being able to see subtle changes and really observe the whole situation.  Being a photographer, you need to see the little details as well.  I have always been an “observer” or so that’s what my mom tells me.

Here a few other things that I may be slightly obsessed with: everything pumpkin spice (candles, food, lotion, coffee) and I liked it LONG before it became the newest fad!  I love walking in the woods, I think those are the best kinds of dates!  I love waterfalls.  I love fall (it’s my favorite season!)  I love four-wheeling, the more mud, the better!  I love chocolate, like REALLY love it!  I feel like dessert is kind of necessary after every meal.  I love driving around, back roads, new roads, all roads.  

I recently got married to my best friend (cliche but so true!) and now that all the planning and excitement is over, I look back at all my images and it makes me smile.  My husband cried while I walked down the aisle (it’s like a movie, right?) and our dog followed behind us as we first walked out as husband and wife.  These moments were captured for me and I want to capture those moments for you!  I love weddings and I love being in love!

I strive to capture the love and beauty in you!  <3