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I am still reminiscing about the absolutely beautiful day I had at the Hardy Farm Fine Art Shoot-Out hosted by Nicole Colwell Photography.  Talk about gorgeous!

The drive to Fryeburg was smooth sailing but I could see the rain clouds coming in the closer I got to the barn.  Sure enough, it wasn’t long after we arrived that the sky opened up and the rain came down.  Thankfully, Nicole and all of the amazing vendors were prepared with everything inside the barn.

I’m thankful I was able to attend this shoot-out.  Check out a teaser of all the beautiful details below:2017-10-31_0001P I N I T 2017-10-31_0002P I N I T 2017-10-31_0003P I N I T 2017-10-31_0004P I N I T 2017-10-31_0005P I N I T 2017-10-31_0006P I N I T 2017-10-31_0021P I N I T 2017-10-31_0007P I N I T 2017-10-31_0008P I N I T 2017-10-31_0009P I N I T 2017-10-31_0010P I N I T 2017-10-31_0011P I N I T 2017-10-31_0012P I N I T 2017-10-31_0013P I N I T 2017-10-31_0014P I N I T 2017-10-31_0015P I N I T 2017-10-31_0016P I N I T 2017-10-31_0017P I N I T 2017-10-31_0018P I N I T 2017-10-31_0023P I N I T 2017-10-31_0019P I N I T 2017-10-31_0020P I N I T 2017-10-31_0022P I N I T 2017-10-31_0024P I N I T 2017-10-31_0025P I N I T 2017-10-31_0026P I N I T 2017-10-31_0027P I N I T 2017-10-31_0028P I N I T 2017-10-31_0029P I N I T 2017-10-31_0030P I N I T 2017-10-31_0031P I N I T 2017-10-31_0032P I N I T 2017-10-31_0033P I N I T 2017-10-31_0034P I N I T 2017-10-31_0035P I N I T 2017-10-31_0036P I N I T 2017-10-31_0037P I N I T 2017-10-31_0038P I N I T 2017-10-31_0039P I N I T 2017-10-31_0040P I N I T 2017-10-31_0041P I N I T 2017-10-31_0042P I N I T 2017-10-31_0043P I N I T 2017-10-31_0044P I N I T 2017-10-31_0045P I N I T 2017-10-31_0046P I N I T 2017-10-31_0047P I N I T 2017-10-31_0048P I N I T 2017-10-31_0049P I N I T 2017-10-31_0050P I N I T 2017-10-31_0051P I N I T 2017-10-31_0052P I N I T 2017-10-31_0053P I N I T 2017-10-31_0054P I N I T 2017-10-31_0055P I N I T 2017-10-31_0056P I N I T 2017-10-31_0057P I N I T 2017-10-31_0058P I N I T 2017-10-31_0059P I N I T 2017-10-31_0060P I N I T 2017-10-31_0061P I N I T 2017-10-31_0062P I N I T 2017-10-31_0063P I N I T 2017-10-31_0064P I N I T 2017-10-31_0065P I N I T 2017-10-31_0066P I N I T 2017-10-31_0067P I N I T 2017-10-31_0068P I N I T 2017-10-31_0069P I N I T 2017-10-31_0070P I N I T 2017-10-31_0071P I N I T 2017-10-31_0072P I N I T 2017-10-31_0073P I N I T 2017-10-31_0074P I N I T 2017-10-31_0075P I N I T 2017-10-31_0076P I N I T 2017-10-31_0077P I N I T 2017-10-31_0078P I N I T 2017-10-31_0079P I N I T

Host: Nicole Colwell Photography //

Venue:  Hardy Farm //

Paper Goods:  Every Little Something //

Cake: Bethany’s Bakery // Downeast, Maine

Florals: Field Floral Studio //

Runner: Tono and Co //

Ring: Susie Saltzman //

Jewelry & Head-Piece:  Lindsay Marie Design //

Dress: Leanne Marshall //

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes //

Hair & Make-Up: Jessica Candage Makeup Artist //

Rentals: Heart Wood Essentials //

Photography: Perle Photography

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Alison + Steve are definitely a couple to remember.  Seriously one of the sweetest couples I’ve met, but also so organized and thoughtful.  Between the loving + true interactions among the two of them to the heartfelt vows, I cried on multiple occasions on the day of their wedding.  Originally they were supposed to marry at a barn venue but found out just weeks before their nuptials that it wasn’t going to work out.  The new location was picked and everything rearranged so fast, you can tell they were born to be flexible.  It turned out that they had a bright and sunny day and everything fell into place just as it should.  I feel so fortunate to have met them both.  It was such an honor to photograph both their engagement session and their wedding (you can see a sneak peek of their engagement session here).  I am forever grateful.  You can also check out their Real Maine Wedding blog post here!).  Thank you guys!!  XO2017-10-03_0001P I N I T 2017-10-03_0002P I N I T 2017-10-03_0003P I N I T 2017-10-03_0004P I N I T 2017-10-03_0005P I N I T 2017-10-03_0006P I N I T 2017-10-03_0007P I N I T 2017-10-03_0008P I N I T 2017-10-03_0009P I N I T 2017-10-03_0010P I N I T 2017-10-03_0011P I N I T 2017-10-03_0012P I N I T 2017-10-03_0013P I N I T 2017-10-03_0014P I N I T 2017-10-03_0015P I N I T 2017-10-03_0016P I N I T 2017-10-03_0017P I N I T 2017-10-03_0018P I N I T 2017-10-03_0019P I N I T 2017-10-03_0020P I N I T 2017-10-03_0021P I N I T 2017-10-03_0022P I N I T 2017-10-03_0023P I N I T 2017-10-03_0024P I N I T 2017-10-03_0025P I N I T 2017-10-03_0026P I N I T 2017-10-03_0027P I N I T 2017-10-03_0028P I N I T 2017-10-03_0029P I N I T 2017-10-03_0030P I N I T 2017-10-03_0032P I N I T 2017-10-03_0033P I N I T 2017-10-03_0034P I N I T 2017-10-03_0035P I N I T 2017-10-03_0036P I N I T 2017-10-03_0037P I N I T 2017-10-03_0038P I N I T 2017-10-03_0039P I N I T 2017-10-03_0040P I N I T 2017-10-03_0041P I N I T 2017-10-03_0092P I N I T 2017-10-03_0091P I N I T 2017-10-03_0031P I N I T 2017-10-03_0042P I N I T 2017-10-03_0043P I N I T 2017-10-03_0044P I N I T 2017-10-03_0045P I N I T 2017-10-03_0046P I N I T 2017-10-03_0048P I N I T 2017-10-03_0049P I N I T 2017-10-03_0050P I N I T 2017-10-03_0051P I N I T 2017-10-03_0052P I N I T 2017-10-03_0053P I N I T 2017-10-03_0054P I N I T 2017-10-03_0055P I N I T 2017-10-03_0056P I N I T 2017-10-03_0057P I N I T 2017-10-03_0058P I N I T 2017-10-03_0059P I N I T 2017-10-03_0060P I N I T 2017-10-03_0061P I N I T 2017-10-03_0062P I N I T 2017-10-03_0063P I N I T 2017-10-03_0064P I N I T 2017-10-03_0065P I N I T 2017-10-03_0066P I N I T 2017-10-03_0067P I N I T 2017-10-03_0068P I N I T 2017-10-03_0069P I N I T 2017-10-03_0070P I N I T 2017-10-03_0071P I N I T 2017-10-03_0072P I N I T 2017-10-03_0073P I N I T 2017-10-03_0074P I N I T 2017-10-03_0075P I N I T 2017-10-03_0076P I N I T 2017-10-03_0077P I N I T 2017-10-03_0078P I N I T 2017-10-03_0079P I N I T 2017-10-03_0080P I N I T 2017-10-03_0081P I N I T 2017-10-03_0082P I N I T 2017-10-03_0083P I N I T 2017-10-03_0085P I N I T 2017-10-03_0086P I N I T 2017-10-03_0087P I N I T 2017-10-03_0088P I N I T 2017-10-03_0089P I N I T 2017-10-03_0090P I N I T 2017-10-03_0084P I N I T


Venue: Red Hook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

Video: Miles & Drouin

Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas

Hair: Brenna Clauson of Mizu Salon

Make-up:Kristin Iarrusso James of Making Faces

Officiant:  Joseph Siviski

Caterer:  Famous Dave’s 

Bakery: The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique and AP Sweets

DJ:  Mike Scott

Bridal Gown: Vows Bridal Outlet

Bridesmaids: Vow to be Chic

Suits:  J. Ferrar

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Photographing Tyler and Kelsey’s wedding seemed like such a natural thing to do.  Kelsey is family to me and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her family on several occasions.  To be able to photograph one of the most important moments for their family, was truly an honor.  I felt blessed to be able to see them join their family and watch all of their hard work over the last year come together.  It’s not everyday that I get to photograph a wedding that my husband is there as a guest, too!  What a great little bonus!

2017-07-11_0001P I N I T 2017-07-11_0002P I N I T 2017-07-11_0005P I N I T 2017-07-11_0006P I N I T When Kelsey asked me to do her make-up for her wedding day, I have to admit I was a little nervous.  I’m so glad I did though, it was great having some down-time with Kelsey and being able to chat before all of the day’s festivities began.
2017-07-11_0007P I N I T 2017-07-11_0009P I N I T 2017-07-11_0010P I N I T 2017-07-11_0011P I N I T 2017-07-11_0012P I N I T 2017-07-11_0013P I N I T 2017-07-11_0014P I N I T 2017-07-11_0015P I N I T 2017-07-11_0016P I N I T 2017-07-11_0017P I N I T 2017-07-11_0018P I N I T 2017-07-11_0019P I N I T 2017-07-11_0020P I N I T 2017-07-11_0022P I N I T 2017-07-11_0023P I N I T 2017-07-11_0034P I N I T 2017-07-11_0021P I N I T 2017-07-11_0024P I N I T 2017-07-11_0025P I N I T 2017-07-11_0026P I N I T 2017-07-11_0027P I N I T 2017-07-11_0028P I N I T 2017-07-11_0029P I N I T 2017-07-11_0030P I N I T 2017-07-11_0031P I N I T 2017-07-11_0032P I N I T 2017-07-11_0042P I N I T 2017-07-11_0033P I N I T 2017-07-11_0035P I N I T 2017-07-11_0043P I N I T 2017-07-11_0038P I N I T 2017-07-11_0040P I N I T 2017-07-11_0041P I N I T 2017-07-11_0044P I N I T 2017-07-11_0045P I N I T 2017-07-11_0046P I N I T 2017-07-11_0047P I N I T 2017-07-11_0048P I N I T 2017-07-11_0049P I N I T 2017-07-11_0050P I N I T 2017-07-11_0051P I N I T 2017-07-11_0052P I N I T 2017-07-11_0053P I N I T 2017-07-11_0054P I N I T 2017-07-11_0055P I N I T 2017-07-11_0056P I N I T 2017-07-11_0057P I N I T 2017-07-11_0058P I N I T 2017-07-11_0059P I N I T 2017-07-11_0060P I N I T 2017-07-11_0061P I N I T 2017-07-11_0062P I N I T 2017-07-11_0063P I N I T 2017-07-11_0064P I N I T 2017-07-11_0065P I N I T 2017-07-11_0066P I N I T 2017-07-11_0067P I N I T 2017-07-11_0068P I N I T 2017-07-11_0069P I N I T 2017-07-11_0070P I N I T 2017-07-11_0071P I N I T 2017-07-11_0072P I N I T 2017-07-11_0073P I N I T 2017-07-11_0074P I N I T 2017-07-11_0075P I N I T 2017-07-11_0076P I N I T 2017-07-11_0077P I N I T 2017-07-11_0078P I N I T 2017-07-11_0079P I N I T 2017-07-11_0080P I N I T 2017-07-11_0081P I N I T 2017-07-11_0084P I N I T 2017-07-11_0082P I N I T 2017-07-11_0083P I N I T 2017-07-11_0085P I N I T 2017-07-11_0086P I N I T 2017-07-11_0087P I N I T 2017-07-11_0088P I N I T 2017-07-11_0089P I N I T 2017-07-11_0090P I N I T 2017-07-11_0091P I N I T 2017-07-11_0092P I N I T 2017-07-11_0093P I N I T 2017-07-11_0094P I N I T 2017-07-11_0095P I N I T 2017-07-11_0096P I N I T 2017-07-11_0097P I N I T 2017-07-11_0098P I N I T 2017-07-11_0099P I N I T 2017-07-11_0100P I N I T 2017-07-11_0101P I N I T 2017-07-11_0102P I N I T 2017-07-11_0103P I N I T 2017-07-11_0104P I N I T 2017-07-11_0105P I N I T 2017-07-11_0106P I N I T 2017-07-11_0107P I N I T 2017-07-11_0108P I N I T 2017-07-11_0109P I N I T 2017-07-11_0110P I N I T 2017-07-11_0111P I N I T 2017-07-11_0112P I N I T 2017-07-11_0113P I N I T 2017-07-11_0114P I N I T 2017-07-11_0115P I N I T 2017-07-11_0116P I N I T 2017-07-11_0117P I N I T 2017-07-11_0118P I N I T Thank you both SO much for allowing me to take part of this huge moment in your life.  It means the world to me to see your family’s milestones and I will treasure this day for years to come!


  • Harmony Hill Farm
  • Stationary Design:  Wedding Paper Divas
  • Shelley’s Flowers and Gifts
  • Kathy Feyler
  • Dave Hall
  • The Sugar Tree
  • Laugh Loud Smile Big
  • Frank Willis
  • Maine Coast Wedding and Special Events
  • Maine Coast Wedding and Special Events
  • Maine Coast Wedding and Special Events
  • Photography Assistant:  Kimberly Reed
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I’ve known Steve since high school but had never met Sarah until she messaged me last fall.  Immediately I felt a connection to her and felt like we had a lot of similarities.  We met up in person and it was then that I was able to see the wonderful connection that Steve + Sarah had with each other.  Both of them lit up every time they talked about their daughter Harper and it was clear that she was the most important part of their whole world.
2017-07-07_0001P I N I T These gorgeous flowers were put together by Steve’s mother at the Bridal Bouquet, based out of Thomaston.  So, so pretty!
2017-07-07_0002P I N I T 2017-07-07_0003P I N I T 2017-07-07_0007P I N I T 2017-07-07_0005P I N I T 2017-07-07_0006P I N I T 2017-07-07_0008P I N I T 2017-07-07_0009P I N I T 2017-07-07_0010P I N I T 2017-07-07_0011P I N I T 2017-07-07_0012P I N I T 2017-07-07_0013P I N I T 2017-07-07_0014P I N I T 2017-07-07_0015P I N I T 2017-07-07_0016P I N I T 2017-07-07_0017P I N I T 2017-07-07_0018P I N I T 2017-07-07_0019P I N I T 2017-07-07_0020P I N I T 2017-07-07_0021P I N I T 2017-07-07_0022P I N I T 2017-07-07_0023P I N I T Here comes the flower girl!2017-07-07_0024P I N I T Look at that smile on daddy’s face!2017-07-07_0025P I N I T 2017-07-07_0026P I N I T This is the best part of being a wedding photographer, seeing moments like this.2017-07-07_0028P I N I T 2017-07-07_0029P I N I T 2017-07-07_0030P I N I T 2017-07-07_0031P I N I T 2017-07-07_0032P I N I T 2017-07-07_0033P I N I T 2017-07-07_0034P I N I T 2017-07-07_0035P I N I T 2017-07-07_0036P I N I T 2017-07-07_0037P I N I T 2017-07-07_0038P I N I T 2017-07-07_0039P I N I T 2017-07-07_0040P I N I T 2017-07-07_0041P I N I T 2017-07-07_0042P I N I T 2017-07-07_0043P I N I T 2017-07-07_0046P I N I T 2017-07-07_0044P I N I T 2017-07-07_0045P I N I T 2017-07-07_0047P I N I T A mother daughter dance that brought me to tears!2017-07-07_0048P I N I T Beautiful cake made by Darci at the Sugar Tree.  Almost looks too good to eat!  Almost!2017-07-07_0049P I N I T 2017-07-07_0050P I N I T 2017-07-07_0051P I N I T 2017-07-07_0052P I N I T 2017-07-07_0053P I N I T This DJ, Queue DJ, flew in from California and the dance floor was full the whole night!  It was truly hard not to bust out into the middle of the dance floor!2017-07-07_0054P I N I T 2017-07-07_0055P I N I T Sarah’s sister-in-law sang the most beautiful, heart-felt song to the newlyweds.  So much talent in this family!
2017-07-07_0056P I N I T 2017-07-07_0057P I N I T 2017-07-07_0058P I N I T 2017-07-07_0059P I N I T 2017-07-07_0060P I N I T In the words of Sarah, “I’ve got my family and my friends, everyone that means something to me, it doesn’t get any better than this”.  There is nothing more important than that!  Sarah + Steve, it was a true blessing to be included in this special day.  I wish for magical things for you and Miss Harper to come!


  • Harmony Hill Farm
  • Pam Polk – Bridal Bouquet
  • Heather Tucker – Mirror Images & Emma Tash – Mirror Images
  • Mallory King – Elizabeth’s Cuts & Styles
  • Mark Holden
  • The Sugar Tree – Darci Lynn Chickering-Morris
  • Queue DJ – Petey Randall
  • Henry’s Bridal Boutique
  • David’s Bridal
  • Maine Coast Weddings and Special Events
  • Assistant Photographer:  Kimberly Reed
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When Lindsey described the venue in which they would be married at, I never could have dreamed up a more beautiful spot! Apple orchards, a huge barn, a primitive country house, giant yellow trees, mountains in the background…it was like a dream! I can’t tell you how honored I was to finally see it all brought together! Antonio and his guys kept us laughing and entertained all day. Lindsey, you were so gorgeous, I don’t know if Antonio could have kept his eyes off of you even if he tried! Thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful celebration!

2016-11-27_0080P I N I T 2016-11-27_0081P I N I T 2016-11-27_0082P I N I T 2016-11-27_0083P I N I T 2016-11-27_0084P I N I T 2016-11-27_0085P I N I T 2016-11-27_0086P I N I T 2016-11-27_0087P I N I T 2016-11-27_0088P I N I T 2016-11-27_0089P I N I T 2016-11-27_0090P I N I T 2016-11-27_0091P I N I T 2016-11-27_0092P I N I T 2016-11-27_0093P I N I T 2016-11-27_0094P I N I T 2016-11-27_0095P I N I T 2016-11-27_0096P I N I T 2016-11-27_0097P I N I T 2016-11-27_0098P I N I T 2016-11-27_0099P I N I T 2016-11-27_0100P I N I T 2016-11-27_0101P I N I T 2016-11-27_0102P I N I T 2016-11-27_0103P I N I T 2016-11-27_0104P I N I T 2016-11-27_0105P I N I T 2016-11-27_0106P I N I T 2016-11-27_0107P I N I T 2016-11-27_0108P I N I T 2016-11-27_0109P I N I T 2016-11-27_0110P I N I T 2016-11-27_0111P I N I T 2016-11-27_0112P I N I T 2016-11-27_0113P I N I T 2016-11-27_0114P I N I T 2016-11-27_0115P I N I T 2016-11-27_0116P I N I T 2016-11-27_0117P I N I T 2016-11-27_0118P I N I T 2016-11-27_0119P I N I T 2016-11-27_0120P I N I T 2016-11-27_0121P I N I T 2016-11-27_0122P I N I T 2016-11-27_0123P I N I T 2016-11-27_0124P I N I T 2016-11-27_0125P I N I T 2016-11-27_0126P I N I T 2016-11-27_0127P I N I T 2016-11-27_0128P I N I T 2016-11-27_0129P I N I T 2016-11-27_0130P I N I T 2016-11-27_0131P I N I T 2016-11-27_0132P I N I T 2016-11-27_0133P I N I T 2016-11-27_0134P I N I T 2016-11-27_0135P I N I T 2016-11-27_0136P I N I T 2016-11-27_0137P I N I T 2016-11-27_0138P I N I T 2016-11-27_0139P I N I T 2016-11-27_0140P I N I T 2016-11-27_0141P I N I T 2016-11-27_0142P I N I T 2016-11-27_0143P I N I T 2016-11-27_0144P I N I T 2016-11-27_0145P I N I T 2016-11-27_0146P I N I T 2016-11-27_0147P I N I T 2016-11-27_0148P I N I T 2016-11-27_0149P I N I T 2016-11-27_0150P I N I T 2016-11-27_0151P I N I T 2016-11-27_0152P I N I T 2016-11-27_0153P I N I T 2016-11-27_0154P I N I T 2016-11-27_0155P I N I T 2016-11-27_0156P I N I T

Shout-Outs: Ceremony and Reception Venue: Maple Rock Farm Officiant: John Moody Videographer: Miles & Drouin Hair & M/U: Whitney Beal Beauty Caterer: Shawn Wilcox DJ: Dave Dionne Wedding Gown & Suit Boutique: Maine Coast Weddings & Special Events

Assistant Photographer: Kimberly Reed

Lead Photographer: Meghan Benner of Perle Photography

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